Which of the following powers is / are exclusively vested in the Rajya Sabha ?
1. To initiate impeachment proceeding against the president
2. To recommend the creation of new all India services
3. To remove the chairman of UPSC
Select the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [B] Only 2

Rajya Sabha being a federal chamber – representing States/Union territories, enjoys certain special powers, which are:

  • To empower Parliament to make laws in respect of any matter enumerated in the State List in the national interest by adopting a resolution to this effect (article 249)
  • Creation by law one or more all-India services common to the Union and the States.(article 312)
  • Approving Proclamations (issued under article 352 or article 356 or article 360) if the Lok Sabha stand dissolved or the dissolution of the Lok Sabha takes place within the period allowed for the approval of the Proclamation by Parliament.

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