Recently, Government of India made it mandatory for 100% urea produced or imported in the country to be neem coated urea (NCC). The "neem coated" urea:

  1. acts as organic pesticide
  2. accelerates the rate of nitrification
  3. contains all the 17 essential nutrients required by  crop plants
  4. reduces ozone depletion and green house gases

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

Answer: [D] Only 1 & 4

First statement is correct. Second statement is incorrect because NCM will inhibit the process of nitrification. Third statement is also incorrect because Neem Coated Urea enhances the N, P and K, but does not contain all essential 17 nutrients required in plants. Ammonia volatilization contributes almost 60 % loss in the form of nitrogen and nitrous oxide, which leads to ozone depletion and increase of green house gases in atmosphere. But use of “neem coated” urea reduces the volatilization of nitrous oxide and hence reduces the ozone depletion and green house gases, so the fourth statement is correct.

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