Rajya Sabha has equal powers with Lok Sabha:

  1. in the matter of creating new All India Services
  2. in amending the constitution
  3. in cut motions
  4. in impeachment of the President

Select the correct option from codes given below:

Answer: [A] 2 and 4 Only

Rajya Sabha enjoys equal powers with Lok Sabha in matters like the impeachment of the President, removal of the vice-president, constitutional amendments, and removal of the judges of the Supreme Court and the High Courts.In matter of creating All India Services Rajya sabha enjoys special powers.If Rajya Sabha passes a resolution by a majority of not less than two-thirds of the members present and voting declaring that it is necessary or expedient in the national interest to create one or more All India Services common to the union and the states, parliament becomes empowered to create by law such services.

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