Lok Adalats:

  1. come under the purview of high courts of respective states
  2. deal with matters related to civil cases only and not criminal cases
  3. decisions are binding on both the parties to the dispute
  4. do not possess court fee for cases

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

Answer: [B] 3 and 4 Only

Lok adalats are on voluntary basis and also as permanent Lok Adalats.
First statement is incorrect because Lok adalats comes under purview of the State legal Aid and advisory board.
Second statement is incorrect because Lok adalat deals in matters related to civil cases with few limitations to criminal cases.
Before the matter is brought infront of Lok adalats, one important condition to be satisfied is that both parties in dispute should agree for settlement through Lok Adalat and abide by its decision.The main thrust of Lok Adalats is on compromise.When no compromise is reached, the matter goes back to the court.While conducting the proceedings; Lok Adalat acts as a conciliator and not as an arbitrator. Its role is to persuade the parties to hit upon a solution and help in reconciling the contesting differences. Lok Adalat cannot decide the issues nor can it influence or force the parties to decide in a particular way.It encourages consensual arrangements.It is not possible for lok adalat to decide upon any issue not acceptable to any of the parties.Third and Fourth are correct statements.

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