Consider the following:

  1. Lower solar irradiation
  2. Higher availability of soft water than hard water
  3. Huge quantity of dust particles
  4. Too high temperatures

Which of the above are major impediment(s) in growth of solar industry in India?

Answer: [A] 3 & 4

Lower solar irradiation is not a problem, as India ranks among the highest in the world in terms of solar irradiation with an average reading of 5.1 kilowatt hours (KwH) per square metre, which is very high when compared to many solar power countries like Germany (2.9 KwH), Japan (3.65 KwH). Soft water is considered as good for cleaning purpose, but most of the solar plants in India are located in Western India which has higher availability of Hard water rather than soft water. So, hard water availability is another major problem.  Huge quantity of dust particles are suspended in air, especially in Rajasthan and Gujarat region which make frequent cleaning of solar panels a mandatory process. Too High temperature in western India during summer season is another problem because solar panels being installed in India are not designed to bear or operate on such high temperatures.


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