Which of the following is/are the cited reason(s) for the earth’s wobbling towards east?

  1. Gain of ice in Greenland
  2. Gain of ice mass in Western Antarctica
  3. Dry spells across Eurasia

Select the correct option from codes given below:

Answer: [A] 3 Only

Around the year 2000, Earth’s spin axis took an abrupt turn toward the east and is now drifting almost twice as fast as before, at a rate of almost 7 inches (17 centimetres) a year. Scientists have suggested that the loss of mass from Greenland and Antarctica’s rapidly melting ice sheet could be causing the eastward shift of the spin axis. All these cause changes in the movement of water and accumulation of mass on poles.  Earth wobbling affects the results obtained from GPS, and other Earth-Observation satellites.

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