The 74th Constitution Amendment Act, 1992:

  1. mandates direct election for the post of mayor in local government
  2. provides reservation of seats for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in every municipality
  3. provides term of 5 years for the municipality  

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

Answer: [C] 2 & 3 Only

First statement is incorrect because the 74th Amendment Act, 1992 did not prescribe the manner of election, tenure or powers of the Mayors/Chairpersons of ULBs. Recently, a Constitutional Amendment bill has been introduced in Lok Sabha, as a private member's bill by Shashi Tharoor. The Bill mandates the direct election of the Mayor, fixes the Mayor’s term to be coterminous with that of the municipality, and makes the Mayor the executive head of the municipality. The Bill was introduced because recently Tamil Nadu Assembly passed a Bill for indirect election of mayors. The manner of election of Chairpersons of municipalities has been left to be specified by the State Legislature (Article 243R).

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