Consider the following pairs:

  1. White Revolution→ Cattle Welfare
  2. Saffron Revolution→ Pulses
  3. Blue Revolution→ Aquaculture

Which of the above are correct?

Answer: [A] 1 & 3 Only

Narendra Modi’s campaign theme of “tricolour revolution,” includes second green revolution focusing on growing protein-rich pulses, white revolution focuses on the care of cattle and livestock, saffron revolution aims to enhance solar energy in the country, and a blue revolution on clean water, and the welfare of fishermen. Government aims to three-fold its export earnings from fish and fish products with the help of Blue Revolution in next five years. Saffron Revolution is government’s ambitious plan to boost country’s solar energy sector. The government has come out with comprehensive National Energy Policy and focus on development of energy related infrastructure to achieve the goal. White revolution encourages better cattle health through superior breeding, nutrition and health practices.

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