Message for Target 2017 Members

Dear members,

We have redirected all content of target 2016-17 integrated programme and all your data including your membership validity, password, profiles and other information from GKToday main domain ( to this site (  You are requested to login to the new site and check if everything is working at your end correctly. This includes ability to log in, access to the content which you have subscribed for, and downloading the documents.

Since this is a new site, downloads may not work properly in Google Chrome due to caching issues momentarily. In Mozilla Firefox, all the links are working properly.

We are now on rescheduling our work and putting next content in this new site.

Thanks for your patience and cooperation.

Home Page



    Sir I am unable to access my contents. Logging in the website is happening properly but I am unable to access any of my static mains +current contents


    Plz fix my issue. Email- (hidden)

  • pradeep tapal

    same problem is persisting in mozilla firefox

  • Gaurav Satsangi

    The message shown above is incomplete when we login using our credentials on the new site. Also the content is not getting downloaded using the Chrome browser.

  • Raveesh Sharma

    Dear Sir
    I’m trying to access through Mozilla Firefox. I have been able to login. Home page is loading properly. But none of the content pages are accessible. The following error is generated:

    “The page isn’t redirecting properly

    Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

    This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies.”

    Please look into it. Thank You.

    • Raveesh Sharma

      In chrome, when accessing any content page, the following message is being generated

      “This page isn’t working redirected you too many times.
      Try clearing your cookies.

      • IASPOINT

        Hello Raveesh, Please refresh the page now and check.

    • Raveesh Sharma

      Yes Sir, the content is now accessible. I am able to download the documents as well. Thanks a lot Sir for quick resolution.

      • IASPOINT

        To other members, please clear browser history and cache once and then try. If you are a member and content is not accessible to you, please comment here.

  • Gaurav Satsangi

    Dear Sir, I have cleared all my cookies and browsing history and tried again with a fresh login but still I am not able to download even a single document neither via Chrome nor via Mozilla Firefox.
    Gaurav Satsangi.


      Hello Gaurav,
      To check this, I needed change your password and login as you. Your new password has been sent via email. The files are downloading and a file downloaded was also sent. Please navigate. I tried to call you but you could not respond.

  • Nitin Chaudhary

    Login is no issue
    i can view the content but not able to download.
    Cant access the Current Affairs [Mains] page i.e. the CGS document page []


      Hello Nitin, cgs archive is now properly working. If you can view the blue download button, downloads must work. For today only, please use Mozilla instead of Chrome and I hope things work properly in Chrome also in some time.

  • sachin kumar

    Hello Sir. I am Sachin Rana from Mumbai.
    I want to join your integrated course for Mains 2017
    I am registered with GK today and am being able to log in. But I am not able to find integrated course for Mains. Pls help.


      Hello Sachin, enrolments were closed due to any possible goofups. Now putting things together to continue with Mains content and will open enrolments in some time.

  • kuruvillarobin09

    Sir I am unable to download any documents even after refreshing history and using mozilla fire fox. When I am trying to download a document, I am redirected to July current affairs.


      Dear sir, Kindly try now. You had joined recently, so it was not working in your profile. Please check and confirm that everything is fine at your end.

  • Achintaya Mayank

    Sir new cgs 10 is not downloadable. Plz fix the issue


      Hello Achin, please try in Mozilla Firefox once. Chrome issue is untraceable but developer is trying to find it out.

  • Dhiraj Sarkar

    why i cant download pdf files from my account??

  • Dhiraj Sarkar

    the blue download button is not working??


      No, its working. Please try again and if possible in Mozilla firefox.

  • suresh pamuri

    Sir I login into the site but it’s saying i did not subscribe anything. Can you please rectify it