Schedule of Upcoming Documents for GS-Mains

Dear members,

This is the revised schedule of the documents which we are publishing for GS Mains for next 90 days. The last document specific to mains was CGS-10 which covered updates of third week of March. The previous CGS modules are archived here.

Current GS Documents (CGS)

For Current GS Documents from September 2015 to April 2017, please refer to this link. From May 2017, we have changed the CGS documents to be two fortnightly documents every month. These documents can be accessed from the left side menu of this website. The recent modules are as follows:



Mains Test Series

We have so far provided three Mains Tests. The tests and their solutions are available here in below table. The next tests we shall upload here as per the given schedule.

Sr. No. Subject Date Question Paper Link Hint / Model Answers
1 GS-1 16-Jan-17 Click Here Click Here
2 GS-2 13-Feb-17 Click Here Click Here
3 GS-3 13-Mar-17 Click Here Click Here
4 GS-4 15 July 2017 Click Here Click Here
5 GS-1 25 July 2017 Click Here Click Here
6 GS-2 5 August 2017 Click Here Click Here
7 GS-3 15 August 2017 Click Here Click Here
8 GS-4 20 August 2017 Click Here Click Here
9 GS-1 30 August 2017 Click Here Click Here
10 GS-2 10 September 2017 Click Here Click Here
11 GS-3 15 September 2017 Click Here Click Here
12 GS-4 20 September 2017 Click Here Click Here
* The above tests were conducted as part of Target 2017 Integrated General Studies Programme.

The only change {other than dates} here is that, you are requested to send answer sheets for evaluation part in 15 days of publishing the test here instead of 30 days like past. If you have any query or questions, please post your comments here or send mail.

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    I am unable to download art and culture previous year question and answer compilation


      Please help


      Pranay, which page is not downloading, please paste here the link.

  • Gaurav Satsangi

    The PDF of question and answer compilation of art and culture is not getting downloaded


      Kindly try now.

  • Gaurav Satsangi

    the governance compilation is just showing 2 pages of the PDF.

  • Gaurav Satsangi

    Sir the PDF compilation of the governance compilation is showing 2 pages only



    When will be CGS 13, 15,18,21 n so on will be uplaoded..its high time for mains now.

    Please consider it as matter of priority.



      Hello Pritanshu, from August onwards, we have changed the CGS documents to be a fortnightly document covering content in three parts viz. issues (around 15-20), Mains questions and answers (around 60 questions per 15 days) and short notes. This makes sure that we are able to update a current affairs documents every 15th day and not allowing backlogs. Also, the structure is defined this way. After mains 2017, I am willing to create four documents per month on current affairs like this. This table needs to be updated but I had sent a mail to all members regarding this.